The Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing Podcast
The Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing Podcast

Episode · 11 months ago

Terre Verdi Certified Organic Skincare


From finance to facial skincare

When Alessandra de Gregorio switched her family over to a completely organic lifestyle, she inevitably began to look more closely at her skincare products in search of organic alternatives. Not satisfied with what was available on the market, she started making her own products for her friends and her family. 

Spurred on by the number of requests for more products, Alessandra created the Terre Verdi brand. In this episode she tells Karen from Blomma Beauty her story. From how she moved from a successful career in the finance industry to taking on the challenge of sourcing ingredients and gaining Soil Association certification without any prior expertise to formulate her highly effective skincare for all the family. She's since expanded the range which is now sold through their website, at and in selected spas and salons in the UK and beyond. 

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