The Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing Podcast
The Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing Podcast

Episode 10 · 7 months ago

Self Care & Wellbeing: What We've Learnt From The Pandemic


In this epside we're sharing some of the self care lesson's we've learnt as a result of the UK lockdowns during the pandemic. 

The past year has had a profound effect on our lives and has
touched every aspect of them. We have gone through a living revolution, at
times kicking and screaming and at other times sprinting and embracing. Good or bad, we have definitely become more mindful and appreciative of simplicity and back to basics lifestyles which have come with the advent of more time to play with. A concept that was becoming so sought after it was unachievable for many in the rat race that was life. 

So where have we seen the biggest shift in lifestyles and
what has the impact been? 

Our awareness of our lifestyle instantly became apparent and, with many of us spending so much time at home, we tapped into a forgone era
which we considered outdated and out of touch. 

It was now about the simple things in life, which all started from home, instead of outsourcing to clubs, centres, spas and the like. We were now in control of our own lifestyles and we were calling the shots completely.  

Tied into this were shifts in our skincare and beauty regimes. Beauty & Skincare was now all about ‘skinimalism’ which came off the back of a simpler more sustainable lifestyle as a whole and made Natural Glam far more appealing. The need to look flawless and polished had gone with working from home face to face had become screen to screen and, quite frankly, there were more important things to worry about! 

We were not looking for the best coverage, or the most effective contour, or any make up for that matter, instead we were looking for a holistic approach which made us feel better and look better for the longer term. Becoming more in tune with the various aspects of wellbeing and how each one affects the other, our lives embraced fitness, meditation, breathing, the great outdoors etc 

Beauty also became more about rituals and experiences rather than just quick applications and, because purchasing power was limited due to many of us being broke, people saw a great option in multi-use products that performed really well but also, delivered on price.  

People were more willing to spend on nutrition and nutritional health as opposed to make up and skincare. More people were realising the importance of strengthening immunity and internal wellness in order to look and feel better. 

This coincided with the ‘wellterior’ trend which saw people spending more and more time decorating their homes to enhance the wellness experience within their own space-cue the ‘spathroom’ where according to Glamour mag, Pinterest recorded an increase of between 65% & 145% in various bath time experiences. 

People didn’t stop at this, however. They also invested more time on other aspects of their lives including fitness, leisure activities i.e. regular nature walks which involved more time with immediate family and many took advantage of getting more sleep. of course the flip side was that many also struggled in this area as, for many routines were thrown completely off track. Bedtimes became later and later and many felt anxious with the current situation. 

The past year has seen more sustainable practices coming into lifestyles. Predominantly stemming from the need to be more frugal, as consumers feel the strain on their finances many are wasting less, shopping local, not traveling as far afield and of course a dramatic fall in the use of cars has seen a reduction in pollution. 

To sum up, consistent, simple routines coupled with sensual
experiences are sought after with a reduced impact on the planet and a more
meaningful and accessible approach to wellness and wellbeing  

O and welcome to another episode of theconscious beauty and well being podcast a podcast taut, obout, glomer beautyand Soben skin China lights on the conscious beauty in wellbeing industry.I am summer your host forty days episode and I'm joined by my gorgeousfriends and colleagues, Raba WHOs, Cosandra, siupen, skin and Karen founder a glom of beauty, hello. Ladies Hello, how are you good eis good? How are you really well enjoying the snow as we ilwith kind of just briefly talking about a to say, Yeraz, Naie absoutefreezing,and I need my kitchen and I can feel some of the drast coming to the window,so it Mus be really cold. So today's episode we're going to belooking at the topics of well being ind self care. I think something that we've learnedall that something about in this past year is how to ossibly. Look afterourselves. Better there's been a huge shift. Definitely so in. I thinkour lives, and I think the past year has touched each of us in a very, verydifferent way. We've gone through almost I'd, say a livingrevolution, if you like, and at times it's kind of, been kicking andscreaming, and then at other times, we've kind of run toward these Chin isan impresed of them, but you know we've definitely toped amore mindful and simple way of life, whether it's to do with how we live day.Today I mean a lot of us obviously have got things like home. schoolind goingon, we've got work moving into the house. Everything now, I think,definitely iscentered within our home, and I know from from my own experiencedefi that I think the first lockdown wasabsolutely fabulous, absolutely loved.

Having everything in the house nothaving to rush here rush there did you nuyes, find that as well? Yes, yeah did. I think you really hitthe nail on the head like's a lovely way of putting it a living revolution.I think there's been some, you know. Obviously, it's been a bit of astruggle, and people have struggled at different times with different thingsdepending on your own personal situation, but I think there's actuallybeen a lot of incredible positives that we can take out of as all havingcollectively gone through this completely absurd situation and probably make some actually moreconscious and positive changes as a result of it. So I think it's sometimeshard to remember, but there's there's definite positives. An you've got tokind of keep channeling them long after this situation is even did, which ishopefully not much longer, yeah, absolutely and Iteifelt, so much moregreat fels. Well, actually, so you look at the situation around us and, yes,you know, there's a global pandemic things Ar Red Dier, it's very uncertain,but you feel so grateful still to be healthy and to be well- and you know have that comfort ofa home with your loved ones around Yous, so yeah there's definitely been a lot of gratefulness Itas gratefulness,but also awareness, I think, having everyone being thrown into the samesituation pretty much. At the same time, you do start to realize things that you maybe haven'tnoticed before about how you neglecting your own self care. So you know weented lockdown. It been a really busy period in mine and my partners I'squite a stressful period and also we were doing ha store at the Times. Itwas very, very fullon, and you know you know as well being business ayers andtrying to Gra Tha business, like you put so much energy into that and toyour work a, but you also want to keep...

...up with your friends and yourrelationships with your loved ones, and it really brought home to me how much Iwas really stretching myself and I think that's why the first lock downfor me was period of almayst recuperation, because I realized I'dreally been neglecting my own health and well being by just being a yesperson so much yeah and yeah. Yes, the things- and I think, that's something Ireally want to carry out carries through long after this is forn. Youknow not to the detriment of relationships. I obviously lising mylove one so much, but just having more awareness of how I'm feeling in my bodyand myself and my emotional mental well being and not be not shying away fromtaking time to just either be alone or just take time for rest. I think that'ssomething! That's really s like from that fist situation anyway, you'reabsolutely right. There Carren, and I think I think, someore. I could probablyconcur with that completely and wholeheartedly. I think it was thefirst time in probably a odat least ten fifteen years that we were actuallyslowing down and we actually heard I mean a chance to just sort of catch. Ourbreath. Life is so fast paced and before lockdown sort of commenced it was just crazy. You I wasrunning at like ahead Listin chickling during the day during the school hoursyou know obviously doing sip and skin stuff, then it's picking the kids upand then running ground being literally a taxi service for afters school clubs,the weekends Wer even more manic. Honestly, if you would leave the housein a Sasday at Nineam and not return to six PM, because it was just spub offthe club of the club and it's been such a breath of fresh air having that timeto just slow down and actually enjoy one another's company, so obviously thepeople that you're living with just...

...being able to enjoy them and not havingto rush out. I found myself screaming essactually eyes totally and I think you've bothyou've both got a keypoint there. It's the time. We actually had time toreslect to kind of look at my goodness how we livin our lives and now havingso much time. How can we now live our lives? You know we really. I An. Ithink that was something felt unanimously throughout is that weneeded to put a break on our lives and part of that, a part of that breakautomatically impacted on our well being yeah. I think that just and Ithink the point you made rather about gratitude again that comes from beingable to reflect. You know it's like. Okay, we've gone from a hundred and tenmiles an hour to actually baut ten miles an hour which is actually youknow manageable. It's notwe actually can do things through the dat in stagesand we can have time to breathe and when did we have time? Totel you a compof Tan during the day you know and fit that in and just kind of jus. Ever Irealize I it it's interesting that you both agree with that, because I we'veobviously spoken quite a lot throughout the lockdown. Even they we'e not beenable to see each other in person and- and I was sort of thinking- you know,I'm very lucky that I don't have children, I'm not doing home schooling.I can completely focus on work and personal life. You've got this likethird element, so it's quite reassuring that youre feeling that way, because itI guess it could be a Bich bazzling Ioh, my God, it took a while to get used tothe homeschooling thing. I think it was tough and I think work suffered alittle bit, but something had to give, I think, because Somare and I areblessed in the feather we're in the same situation as one another. Wetotally get all another's predicament,... the foot thesepe skin sort of footexcep on the sepiscid accelerator sort of sort of eased a bit and we justspent quite a bit of time adjusting to life theknown so to speak, to find aroutine that worked where the kids were sort of set up and happy doing thisschooling and all the rest of it and then sort of eased sopent skin backinto it. I were still doing obviously lots ofother bits and lots of talking, but it was just yeah, that's how it was, and I thinkwe're also blessed. I think that our children are a little bit older,they're all of school age. They ere all pretty independent in terms of they canlog on to a device and attend a lesson so to speak. I think had they been younger Bo, Ibeen a different story. I think that you'R, I think the beauty of this wholesituation again bringing ut the more positive Asimat is whether you hadchildren or not. You just appreciate thet advent of more time. Youo just andhowever, you utilize that time would fit into your life and your kind of setup, but you had that to play with now, whereas you know there was a time wherewe just didn't have that to play with. So I think talking about shift some ofthe biggest shift I kind of found over this past year wasalwiousty, this immediate awareness of our lifestyles and actually againpretty much unanimously. We knew we had to make a shift because it wasn't doingus any good at all. I think the biggest impact is N. I realized that PervidTimeis kind of had of huge impatamental health and mental werllbeing for a lotof pet people. There's no doubt, but I think the way we were living before aswell. There was no reflection. There was no time there was all our energywas being expended, Okno we itually being roedoff. That was it. That's howthe days wil kind of a no the best things I think that's come out of this-is...

...we all appreciated the simple things inlife? Our homes became our hubs Andand. You know for those of us whowere obviously blessed enough to have space or you know whatever we had. Itwas great because there was no outsourcing or out reaching or rushingto grop the kids off here or rush Ingto, the next meeting or taking a pack paneto work. It was all now endorsed sa that automatically created this senseof calm. With that we also saw a shift in our skin hareand Bitchy regumes coming more on points. I think beauty and skin care- and this is a newterm that I found, which I quite like actually and I think, im Goino use alot. More was all now about skinimilism, and I think that gives away a lot soagain, tiring in very nicely to simple way of life, which we all you know kindof embraced. We wanted a more sustainable life as awhole and Natural Glav just became more appealing, so we weren't going for moreof the makecup, the heavy foundations, the contrary in the color. We weregoing more for skin health. We would, I think, the furthist week goout in terms of makeup. Was your sort of tycnitic moisturizers or you know,just light coverage, but something which made you look healthy dewy, butnot overgome yeah. I think lots of customers of mine that have message andsaid rather than fa like focusing on covering up floors in my skin. I'vereally taken this time to feed my skin and get my actual natural skin, justlooking great, which, if you're, maybe self conscious about that, going towork or school run or out to the shops every day. You maybe don't want to takethe time to invest in that mist.

Transition of of you know betternutrition exercise, but also things that you're putting on your skin, whichmaybe aren't doing it so much good. So I think it's been really nice that theshift has been from maybe away from casmetics and more to skin care a youhad al sa rituals as well has long AES to doing selfcare, which you know is ahuge big topic, but I guess for us our Expertis is selfcare in terms of somekind of skin care or body ritual, and that was really nice to see comingthrough as well in our kind of customer base. Certainly, yes, we tanother another trend that I sortof discovered was more and more people were actually concentrating on their homes and kindof you, K, ow doing up homes, and you know in specifically what they focusedon was the bathroom and, like you say, Caren, a lot of people were lookingmore and more for rituals and experiences at home, because obviouslyspars and saloons are now closed. So there's no way to go so you kind of look for products. Wehare literally, as you say, which, which create that well being which createthat amazing sort of spart mosphere at home and that goverises to thebirthroom, which, which is also really cool. Tem that I came across actually Inot hearais fat, Rom, yeah, brillant,one, isn't it and it just cit N. even if you don't have a really instarworthybathroom, if you call it a sparceroom, it automatically becomes wel tat it this of course again Tho. All of iscorentcided with this. Well terious Frend the people just shaw more and youknow because they were spending more time at him. They were emracing itwhich I think is AAn yeah. I think as well that we've got to acknowledge to-and I think this plays into the minimalist beauty ragine- that we bothchampion so much in our bands and out...

...businesses, but I think where peoplemay be more conscious of cost if there may be financial situation or theirwork situation was a bit uncertain, maybe still looking for products totreat themselves with, but that we're going to get lots of use out of themand when we' done the podcast on low consuption beauty and healthmultitasking products are so effective at just consuming this overall, butalso there's a huge benefit t to the old purs strings there. So I think yeah.It was finding products that make you feel really taken care of. You know anoil that you can mix up with lots of different things or you know a maskthat''s a bit more customizable, and then you just feel like you're doingyourself, SOM good Bhut, not having to Yev a hundreds of pounds on all ofthese beach products that people are telling you you need yeah. I thinkthat's EYEA, vice too yeah, it's lovely how it went. Sorry Co. So it's almostas though we've started, perhaps the early two sands, where it was all aboutlots of skin care lots of different products needed. I mean I ave, cameacross a joke many years ago that you know you could sell a woman a cream forher left elbow if you marketed it just right. So the sort of come full circlefrom that aspect to literally lesses more with the wholeskin Toginetisomthing, and it's almost going back to our ancestors to a certain extent wherethere was so much frugality in the way that they looked offfor themselves.They were very clever in what they would use and, like Karren said, lookat multitasking products that you could use addifferent things so that you canmix up and customize and that's what it feels like. We've done, we've just sortof gone round full circle, which has been quite lovely, actually kinder onthe pers strings, but also kind of in our planet yeah, as we move forward now,and I think, as... I think, our spending pattern shiftbecause, like Karen said, it's kind of last year has really kind of fucked onthe bird springs. I think more brands are going to see a shift in who theyreally market their product Toso. Whereas at one point it would have beena very higher end sort of high higher spending consumer now they're shifting more their focus moreon the lower Eng of the market in the middle of the end of the market.Because that's where they've got a concentrate on people, don't have asmuch dispodable income as they a say, perhaps da to you or two ago. And, ofcourse, it's going to take us some time to come out of this situationfinancially Sicialyan. You know in other ways, but yeah. I think it is butn going back to these experiences. Carren that you mentioned glamamag actually recorded thePinterest, so in t e increase. If between sixtyfive and a hundred and forty five percent in various buthtime experiences,whether that was yeah, whether that was just bath soaks or whether you knowthat was ful sort of body treatments, but the great thing is: Is People aredoing it all indoors, which is lovely? Isn't it? I guess it'snot great for the spars that have had to close down or the treatmen centersand the salons that have had to Cros down, because it's obviously affectingthose people's livelihoods. But it's lovely that people have taken thataspect of well being in their own hands and it's obviously something that theyneed so desperately, especially during these uncertain times, but that they'vetaken sort of control over that and sort of said, okay, fine. I can't makeit to a salon- or I can't see my ffacialist this this time round. Somaybe, let's just invest in products that we can sort of mimic the same sortof things that Yo indulge at home, but I still have faith for you knowsalonspetitions Haidress, as far as coming out of this, because I think,just speaking to a lot of our newer customers, they've never really treatedthemselves in that way before. So I...

...think it's lovely when you're at hometo do it yourself, but there's something even more care, taking ofcourse, going to maybe a day stall going for little express facial orsomething just to have that time ihave. So I really hope that people got YoaSyou that and yet support people al coming out of it with sgoing out anddoing these new habits that they've taken eae. I think and there's nothinglike absence making the heart grow: FONDEF wher they you've dudged,mebviously or not ti gro sort of eagerly waiting for these things toreopen just so that you can obviously have that moment of pampering well, itwas funny I was. I was just saying to the other half ear of the day that assoon as Boris announces a light easing the first thing I think everybody'sgoing to do with book a Haircat, so I think they're, all Gonno they're,really quick. I fiy struggle is real, now ohwe UDESCABS, which is why wesometims get away with it. But it's pretty bad situation. I go gout Wrifrazzle dis, but what I'm hoping that people haveand a? I think this particularly apartment for bands like us who findthat education is half our battle. People are learning more about theirbodies and about their skins and they're, empowering themselves aboutwhat their bodies actually need as part of it. But hopefully, when we do goback to the salons, we won't be completely at their mercy. We actuallyknow what we need yeah. No, I think that's a really good comment. Actionyand they'll be they'll, be a complete shift. I think in treatments that areoffered in what sallones coming, because if youhave a client that knows what they want, you automatically will tweak what youill for them anyway. But hopefully it's going to be a two way thing. We go back,but I mean this. This journey of education, I think, within this lastyear, has been fantastic and I think...

...people are taking more and more ahomytitic appoach yeah, not just as Kinker, but you know, supplements Ha.The rising supplements has gong through the roof themount that people now youknow, take and know why they're taking it, but it's not just fa skin Healthi,we memunity and those kinds of things. I think it's been s been a real sort ofa positive, and all of that I think, is helping mental well being obviously we're kind of making ourbodies stronger physically. But I think it all has an impact on our sort ofmental health and stressed factors as well S, so we swe also torry Goingo. No, I wasjust going to say, I think another positive and it doesstill feed im to self care, but also intointer beauty is kind of a toponthing. Is that I feel with you know, gym cinemas. Restaurants, all beenclose, people have really had to focus on nature. A lot more and getback to nature was going back to what you're saying about the simplicity, andyou know I live in zone to of London. Tire's, not you know, lendon's, quite agreen city, but I have been pining for the countryside for sure saing. A lotof people got back in pact with nature. They base that as a way to improve wellbeing, but also, then it's made them look at other natural products, notjust diet. So I think we've seen a big upsurgin people looking for naturalbeauty, products which right obviously we're biased. We just theyre, so be sagain and you're well, reaing, but I that's been really nice inle. I thinkan it just makes you just tune in to wolled around you a little bit more.Perhaps I think it definitely does and sort of tying in. Quite nicely to thatalso something else that shot through theroof was also sleeping patterns so, and...

...actually sleeping patterns was quite amixed one, so some people were definitely getting more sleep.They were extremely street dipletelreprice because of obviouslythe lifestyles that he had been leaving, but there were others who found thelack of routine completely, not things off track. So if they had younger kids, forexample, bed times were ecomin later and later, whereas other people wouldjust take advantage, maybe of the fact that they didn' have to have a vivamalarm the next morning. You know to catch a five forty five tren to get towork in the morning, but I think that did have a massiveimpact on lives and routines as well and iteteally going into winter. I've personally found it. I mean, for me,sleep is the corner stone by well wearing. If I don't have consistentsleep and a routine, everything else goes out the window I'm reaching forthe Chocolat, I'm Keingat exercising as much, because I feel really listargicand that's the thing I've noticed in this third lockdown th, the lack ofroutine and as always thinking why I don't really have much to get up forbefore the starfe work like it's in noticeable. How much your body clockhow easily your body clock can change and how hard it is to get back intocertain routine. So Y we've had a few people interested in stufprementing forsleep or sleep aids and again that also lends itself to best products. You knowhaving AOK before bad. Getting into that sleep mindset, I think, is a bigMESUPES for people yeah. I see you've had a huge Shiftin, our but Ol salsactually ant. We rob you we. Yes, we have AIV kind of rise in that SOT. Thatexplained it. Sorry, you were going to say something before ioh. I know just Iwas just going to touch on the whole sleep thing. I think it's... you've both said sleipers thecornerstone of most people's well being. If you don't feel well rested, then youcan't really feel as though you are in the mind or in that frame of mind tosort of tackle the day ahead and the lockdowns Bein GREAP. In oneaspect you cand say right, you, you don't have to get up early for theseridiculous alarms and obviously having to travel into London and whatnot. Buton the other hand, I found that spending so much time on a screen to tchildren spending. Now the vast bulk of their day to doing live lessons on ascreen. You know working people literally spending most of their timeeither in zoom, coalls or you know just working and there's nobreak now, whereas before you would ad a actual blunchbreak where you wouldhave gone out, perhaps grab something to eat met with people face to face,had a chat, maybe caught a bit of fresh air or traveled into work or come backhome. That's all not there now you're just expected to work those hours infront of a screen and that's actually really affecting sleep negative, whichis why there's been an upsurge in sleeppads and ye bet time ritual thatso it's Beein, hi tough. So people didn't actually stop at justkind of sleep and investing more time in to sleep. They also invested moretime and other aspects of their lives as well, including fitness and lessyour activities. Did you guys come across things? Changes in those areas? Yeah, Imean I'm quite fortunate, so I'm not in H zone to London like I live insouthwest Hartfirsare and actually just in front of my house, we have a loveybig, common actually and prior to the pandemic prior to lockdown. That commonwould always be empty,...

...but come lockdown. Honestly, you wouldgo out for a walk on the weekend and it was like Regent's Park. It was eavinStill Co. It was so lovely it just meant. People who lived in the areawere just rediscovery. What was on their doorstep, which was so niceactually really love Y, I mean seeing kids with fishing nets and sort of youknow looking for tipla fishing, and it was really cute in the streams and inthe he in the little reve rivers that we have sort of in the back end ofwhere the woods are. So it's actually really lovey just seen embracing natureand obviously, when you have not got so much activities or so much booked into your weekends, people arejust out there and sort of indulging in the beautyer around them, which is justall free as well like. I think we just hut so much theres, so much temptationn the world relther. So much that you feel you have to keep up with of likedo it going to this restront or going to see this film or doing such and suchan activity that I think it just really brought him at. You can have actually areally good wholesome fun without actually spending that much money andand just feeling really good. As a result, you've got no buyers. Remorse you'vegot no. You know owe've done that. What's the next thing you just reallyin the noment enjoying you knowt the time with your love ones,doing something really simple, and I think that there's a real connection toyour well being from doing things like that, and I think, as you know,becauswe've worked Kond of a bin before, but we do a lot of extra content forour customers were not just about selling products. So we do a lot oflive streams, a lot of blog content, a lot of videos for people just to tapinto, even if they never buy anything from as they can sill learn and we shifted the content affair amountthis year because of Y W requests. We...

...had where people were sort of feeling abit stressed or a bit anxious, and we've done quite a lot of content on w breathing exercises,breathing for stress, breathing, Fren Society breathing to reinvigorateyourself. If you've been set at the screen all day and it's three o'clockand likeme, you would normally be reaching for the chocolate, but justtaking a few, maybe ten minutes doing some breathing exercises just realy. Weenergize is you, and also as well, we've done some stuff on journaling a again just committing those reflections that we'renow more aware of to writing and that's a great habit to form. I think for whenwe come out of lockdown and Wer. Maybe letting our old life patterns run awaywith us again. We can use that technique to justre check back in withourselves and oust. We focus that time on our own selfcare, which I thinkWeill be a really good tool. So we've had a lot of people respond quite wellto that kind of content, which I think again it's free and it just makes youfeel really great, absolutely absolutely, and I think that's where.Hopefully, I want to move on a positive note that once lockdowns lifted and aslovely as it will be to see the people that you care about again face to faceand indulging the things that we've not been able to indulge in over the lastfew months. But it would still be nice to take notes and sort of try and stillimplement the slower pace in Eah the new sort oflives that we lead and being more mindful of our own well being around usand nature and, like you said, hes breathing exercises gounerallyind. Youknow, there's a wealth of knowledge and so many wonderful things out there thatyou can sort of take time to reflect and sort of stillkeep yourself grounded and not get so caught up in the forst e and positive.As well. Like my New Year's resolution, I've never journaorfor, and sometimesyou know...

...some people get really really into itand I it can be a journal morning, noon and night. You know, I don't haveenough time to happen the day, even in O, so but I feel like something: That'sreally Helpedmi Pate with this lockdown fo, Wo Thousand and twenty one, just atthe end of the day, I'll think of between three and five positives, andit can be as simple as you know. I'm had a zoom with a friendor you know, we managed to go for realnize walk, but it doesn't have tobe anything extravagant. It's just lots of little micro positives throughoutthe day, and I think it just helps maintain that mood even when lock downhis Tagh like wish, it is anone. We've come ut with lots of positives in thispodcast because I hope to yes. I think it it's not shying away from the factthat this is really tough time. Whatever, whatever your circumstance is,it could be the majority of negative. It could be you actually having thebest time of your life, but I think there's lots of shades of Grat inbetween and lots of, ups and downs for everyone. So it's just trying to helpwith giving you some little pointers as to what head as intatitly, absolutely-and I think it's so spot on. There's been, it's been a journey and a halffor so many people, and I think the past year has seen more sustainablepractices coming into lifestyals a predominantly stemming from the need tobe more fungal. Yeah, as I think consumers feel more and more straime ontheir financeos. Many are wasting less theyr shopping, local they're, nottraveling as far a field ecous the force, visporent and, of course,there's been a dramatic fall in the use of cars as a result and and somrefer afalling ollution as well. But I think there have been some, like you said:currents ond great things to come out of this and I think consistent, simpleroutines couples with sensual experiences, a thought, after with areduced impact on the planet and a more...

...meaningcful and accessible approach towellness in Wole being, and your wee really humped up me that we've kind ofhopefully given some people, some clums of positivity, if not a bit more, andwe really hope you've enjoyed this episode of the conscious beauty andwell being podcast and we hope you'll goin us next time, Tor. Some morereveting content. Thanks for listening.

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