How hygienic are your beauty products?


In this episode Karen from Blomma Beauty chats with Imogen from Bumi Naturals about how we can keep our natural and organic beauty products fresh and hygienic. 

You'll learn the difference between 'Period After Opening' and 'Best Before End' and when is the right time to throw out your products once these dates pass. We also talk about the obligations of formulators and retailers to ensure they're selling fresh, safe and potent natural skincare products. And if, after listening, you want to declutter your beauty stash, we've got hints and tips on what you need to do as well as advice on how to make sure your products stay as fresh and bacteria free as possible.  

We are proud to be voted as one of the top 25 organic beauty podcasts in 2020 by Feedspot!

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Episode 1 · 7 months ago

The story of soapNskin & Blomma Beauty

In our very first episode of The Conscious Collective podcast, Rabia and Samar from natural beauty brand soapNskin and Kare n from natural beauty and wellbeing retailer Blomma Beauty tell the sto ries behind their brands, what inspired them and how they started working together.  

As their paths intertwined through their love of all things beauty and wellbeing, Rabia, Samar and Karen embarked on the collaboration now known as The Conscious Collective which is a podcast dedicated to topics from the world of conscious beauty and wellbeing.