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The Conscious Beauty & Wellbeing Podcast

Episode 7 · 10 months ago

How hygienic are your beauty products?


In this episode Karen from Blomma Beauty chats with Imogen from Bumi Naturals about how we can keep our natural and organic beauty products fresh and hygienic. 

You'll learn the difference between 'Period After Opening' and 'Best Before End' and when is the right time to throw out your products once these dates pass. We also talk about the obligations of formulators and retailers to ensure they're selling fresh, safe and potent natural skincare products. And if, after listening, you want to declutter your beauty stash, we've got hints and tips on what you need to do as well as advice on how to make sure your products stay as fresh and bacteria free as possible.  

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So today, ow imaging from bamingnaturals an we're going to talk about a very interesting dubit, which is bestbefore end days in beauty, products and how to know how fresh and how hygienicyour beauty products are, which I think is a really interesting tobit,particularly for where the world is at right now, hey imagn. So this is atopic that the' not really widely covered. Actually, and I an can tansome stuff that surprises you. So we just thought it was really importantwhen it comes to you choosing your beauty poducxs. Maybe you've got loadsleft in the cupboared there and you're, not quite sure, if they're, good or not-and maybe thisill, give you someinspiration to shop a little bit more consciously so that you don't have asmuch waste with anything in our natural norganicindustry, there's quite a lot of gray areas or green areas, and but thers sort of set laws andregulations that you have to Edear to when you're kind of labeing and sayingbest before end dates for product, so think emaybe to start with a little bitof theory and science. And then we can get into the topic of you know. Maybethos kind of pit falls that you need to look out for so there's two kinmainterms, if you like, there's BBE, which is best before end isnt, it whatwhat'sthat in relations will put up when you're formulating so the best before enddate is the dateWen. For example, wheny you say: Yo got ten ingredients in a product. Each ofthose ingredients come from the supplier with a used by date on it andand how you create the best before end. Dat is to look at all of those datesand effectively- and this is the gray area, because I recently found out thatyou can actually just choose and the way that we do it like only seekingfor,boony hair is that we take all of the dates and we choose the shortest dates, which means that we're safe in that lof the products are therefore fresh y Hav. I guess a rose hit that has thebest efor of July Anahem, that has a besterfor of June and you would say,efor the blend of those tfo oils, the best of Albe Junes, you're kind ofcovering yourself a little bit, even though one of the other products willlast a little bit longer exactly and that's actually a position. T I oftenfind myself in, but it is, is a choice that we've made to just make sure thatall of the ingredents are fresh, that you're getting the most out of each ofthem and taking advantage of their beautifulproperties, and so that's different to the periodbefore and Tevr period after opening. So the P O a date, and- and in case youdon't know what that is, that's the open jar on a label. It should be onall cosmetic, it's an open jar with e number in there. So it's a number andthen an end. The EM is for months, and the number tells you how long after theproduct is opened. You've got until you should effectibly get rid of it, which I'm sure not all oers ornot. Allof us have or do Idato, I think it', certainly particularly with makeup. Ithink it's particularly hard because Mionmoro make up and I never getthrough. I never see pan on a blusher, for example, so it's very tempting tojest keep it because he tin os perfectly fiber, actually don't know,what's lurking under the surface of that that that color Andandsymbol forthe period after opening is the little jar, as you said, and there's a symbolfoor best before as well. Asn't there yeah. So there is a best Peforo. We youdon't actually have to use it as an EGTIMER. We just used to print the date,with B B on their but often you'll see...

...the egg timeo ther, but you don'tactually have to use both of them, which is interesting and as aformulator. If your product has more than thirty months of Shello life in itor before the best ofor day, then you only need to put that periodofh toopening number, but if it has less than thirty months than we need to also havea best before end date, yeah I mean for me my background. The Fal Brommer I wasin the main stream kind of skiing, Caren Shit and he very rarely see abestefore and it's something I had to really educate myself on when movingover Itoou, organic and natural, because you sourd ove, don't reallyknow all of the different laboring elements that are t on the product. Soit can be something to get easty, but I think that's another absolete pro ofusing natural Mongeri ongredients, because you know that they're, freshand potent and they're made in small batches and and Al that one, a shelffor Monts on end they're. Getting to you when they're like seepse fresh,which is great exactly it, was also interesting aboutthe PYRIODAF opening day is that it is dependent on how you keep the product.So the way that that period after opening state is devised is that wewould do stability tests. I've got a couple of different ereaswhere I test. So I've got civility tests in a chiller which is kept atseventeen degrees. I've got stimilicy tests in my office, which gets reallyhot and can get really hot and it can be really cold, and then I get looksafer, but that is actually the purpose of Wye tests them there and becauseit's a good experiment 'cause, that's actually how a lot tinkeep Thar stuffs it an Pani, IIN paterooms, where you've got the hopshower on and there I have a window open like it's those fluctuations whichcan really impact the Cos Tan of the product. So it's important to Doliyoknow I've corrently gone forgot a body scrub in the shower O, which has beenthere for a couple of couple of months. It was just seeing how that one goes fun. Fact. I've got this product here,which is one of the first foks. It's TATT three of a body butter. I don'tknow t at shed made this boly butter anymore, but it was may let me justdoblish ot, my Daye indecember, two thousand and seventeen and I've stillgot it. It's Ben rulning around in my office and it actually and finallyenough. It actually has loo cocoe butterit itand she still smells like cocoa butter. An I it looks quite normalthough tot,wouldn't recommend to use this because it's probably got absolutely none ofthe properties. It was meatfor. It's just just afun fact that stuffcant sit there and looks can be rellydeceiving. Do you do that with allyour achess? You keep one of every product from every Baut. Just to seehow it it lasts is all. Is that common practice of people do o? Is it just beinterest in it wels? I don't think you andcrat anyone CNCORT with himong. Hedon't think he he'd keep a bit from every bat I actually tend to, but it'spurely on Lok a quality check basis O. I do end up with like loads of jars,but generally I do one periodically. Then I just keep monitoring it to seehow it's reacting in its environment Um over over time. It's twelve months,twenty four months and it's different by but to be honest,it depends on the product as well, because each batch can be different.ECAUSE were talking about natural, Organicanon, refined ingredients here,where it's all you know, arose, it can come orange one week and you knowbright, red or yellowry the NIK, so dependingthere's, not the factors. Asfar at the actual...

...we've covered the kind of things oer onthe lady wall I think M and as far as the kind of storage of the products will thataffect those numbers on those labels. Will it affect the day? Will it affectthe period after opening, depending on what the product comes into contactwith? I guess yes, O I mean I think, generally andand again hed to be corrected, but I thinkgenerally apperiod. After opening Davly of one of the labels is based onstability tests inperfect in a perfect environment yea, so producxs AV meant to bee really keptbetween twelve and eighteen degrees to be at the OPTIMAN, our performance tobe kept it in the state that they were made in. So it could be that that day is quitereflective where other people keep their. So I would bear that in mindwhen you're thinking about your storage, you know keeping it on a window cell or can get somewhere it that getsreally hot there'. SOTS of like is dramatically going to reduce the shelflife, especially of a natural product yeah. I think as well there's like a trendfor these skin cafrages and I think, there's certain products thatcan go in those bridges because they need to be hat a much lower than roomtemperature, but I did read that they're not actually effective in tfactcan actually make your products become less pogen and effect how they reactwhen they go on your skin, because you're keeping them at lower thantested and formulattemperature. So an there's, there's lots of factors, aPlayn I think another one is water is really interesting. One when you put upcomes into contact with water, if it's like your scrub, for example, weetaking in a shower, he might Anyo, there might be things inthe water or it might affect the ingredients within within the products,and I think that's where preservatives then come into play. Isn't it, though,exactly I think it is important in the past we definitely didn't havepreservatives in anything and more recently started to update, because youknow, I think, as a FORMUASA. Sometimes it's it's lovely to think in this idealworld, where everyone keeps it away from water and doesn't like get theirwet hand and there in the shower. But it's not reality, so I think there'sdefinitely a place for preservatives, ECO friendly ones and and natural ones,yesthere'sm, a huge Spectuma of preservatives, some which are n,synthestic and so much a natural. So yet wely take Brond Tut e naturalnonemphatic prosemativesbecause, it's kind of better for our in is lesschance of reating with Orskin as well. Man a think another thing: it's a bigtrain of night. I know that your products come in Giles, but a lot ofbeauty products are now coming in jars, because it's anm, more environmentlly,conscierse sersus may be a plastic calm or and prepare where people don'tnecessarily take all of the component's par that I'm Aword of portion. I wouldsay, if you're using jars and for your skinkell, any creams just be reallyreally cautious. When it comes to hygiene. Li E, you spacelars, 'causeYou'e, diping dirty hands into that you're. Basically, creatingith, lovelybreeding Rom for bacteria that can then have an adverse effect on the skin. SoI think yeh he's a specular. Would you say there's anything else to be awareof when when using job, perhaps as well, I think I think yeah, I think, beingmindful if you are going to take something in the shower being mindfulto turn the shower off. I think most people do that when they put thebodyPolish on anyway 'cause otherwise, SHEU...

CANL HO loses the Pulup but, as you say,using a spatch, alow dry hands and just wher. You store it because you'retotally right and the world of packeging is amazing, because there'slots of different options out there now and because, because bings Havn squeezysomething or a pomp bottle is ultimately more hygienic and youprobably are going to get more a longer uset of it. But then you're kind ofbattling between you know iave not seen a non plastic pump anywhere. Yet no, Ihaven't s Jus Tolk, a checking e brain, then Noa coupe of our men have puntswhich are made from Recycle Plastic Sa, and then that means that you're onlydispensing what you meed and you're, not touching the rest of theformulation. But it is that constant balancing act,betwee what sustainable and what hygenic nd- and I think it's stillimportant to remember like we're using he siing herpoducts bicas of theamazing benefits to ask it. So you almost don't want the hygiene Patcto becompromised, so n yeah, I think t it is really interessing one and mastemat. Sowe try to have as many sustainable pactaging options as possible websitethere ar certain particularike water base, creams, which or just the breeding ground forblocks Ba terrifite dipping in to then wholtend to favor having some kindof pumple prepare for those. But I mean all of your formulation: Ae a HA quitedryy formulations, there's no water there like paste and Brusters, andthings like that, which I think makes it easier when you're dispensing from ajar MM. Definitely- and I mean we've- got no water in any of the formulationsand and it is easier- and it is also when you're looking at preservatives D,that's kind of why I think a lot of people who develop waterless and usyproducts and don't necessarily preserve ECAUSE. It's like a preventative, whatyou preserve as a preventative, because you kind of know that ire's going to bewater entering as opposed to you know, with a face cream where um I I dread to think what would happen ifyou to presertit diffin, Yo, Hav main effoble test, you should de for fun.It's no to see cream and dip your hand in it every day and seehe e is full of chest and Cillers. Welcometo my house. It's true, not a f skin cat, but that's another MIT. I think if youtalk about stuff like Antioxygens in the beginning, so when I firststarted formulating stuff- and I was reading nots of DIY plogues and it wasall very confusing compese o when I actually studied formulation, because alot of people say he don't need to preserve it too, just just she's anantioxident just use like a fit Manio that preserves it, and but it doesn't-and I think it's really important to know the difference when you're lookingat stuff, because you know I get messages. Ome people are lot same. Youknow, I think it's great, that you know the face, loyal, isn't preserved orsomething or have you go en anything that doesn't have preservatives and y?U Know I always have to say that it is important to to protect yourself withthings like antioxidents like Vitmane, and it does sto the oil o that shedelays the oils from going runts, but it doesn't actually preserve theproduct. So you know putting our trust in something because it has fistmaninitandis a bit of risky business. The ONS KI o PA Flesh, um inland it soconfident. I your own self that you're not getting it in contact withtin toomuch oxygen too much like too much...

...warter. If you're really really carefulabout how you use the Prax, then you might be fine but um. Yet I thinkpreserpativs are that Protectus, so y yeah, if it was a a water base, POAC,certainly that didn't Havp, so ben some bread, Flanan who'LD, be popping up forme and then again. If you asked me that about three years ago I would have saidNotev, I will never put a preservative on my face. Isanother one Oten, noxtensis tat, Ipresentive free incrisking hair. You knowthese things that we get. We get o Sen as messages whenwe're buying podus, but I don't think wed have a huge amount of informationtablon, what they actually mean unless nint is an hours reading, legislationand regulation. So I think that's wher. It's really interesting. I feel onresponsibility as a retailer do to check the products. So I mean we've hadcountless conversations about this 'cause. You Hav your pots ar so sofresh like you make them in lovely small batches, and you know that whenwe get there, ND we're shipping out pretty quickly afterwards. Samongcustomers AF getting something that's been made very recently and but I think, is, will question like theresponsibility of a retail itbecause. There's not really a set of guidelinesthat you're given as a formulator. You are like it must have these laboringrequirements, O use it in these concentrations et Cetra et Cetera, um, but yeah, there's not really a ticklist of like this is what you should do to make sure that you're checking theproducts and checking batches and things like that. So yeah I just tryand Checkin the products every month and then, if we need to speed up theprocess of selling truts and perhaps idean coming to thnot the end of theirlife, but it could be quite Selian t to I manage that as best an POSSPO. Ithink well as well. Peep are the stop that we hold very tight, so I'd ratherreplenish things little and often, and know that we haven't got things sittingon a shelf and you go to a a store- and I, I sol think wellhowlong hast that been thereyeah in a hot white environment, any sort of dee question how how muchcare is taken over the dates oft, certainly much bigger retailers butyeah. I stil the ore in the lovely dark covered in a coll ral. I think there are some products,because you know my used by dates. Are they are conservative that well they'reaccurate? ' Because that's one of the cool thingsabout the boomy is like we want it to be fresh w want anything to be afresh,an a its best or you're getting one of the an getting all the benefits, but itcan be a bit of a challenge sometimes to to live by we've. Seen that becauseit' stuff, like you, know, making sure that we only make small batches because,as you said, it needs to move quickly out and then it needs to be. You knowpotentially resold and when working with the lovely blomabeuty, and so itcan be quite difficult to to keep on top of it, but it is still importantbecause there are ingredients, for example like a weat, ermoil and, and wegemeral is you know we markets it as an Antioxyden, not just that manutcrt inother ways, but one of the big things is it an Antioxyden and and it reallyhelps to protect against damage against three radicals, which is fantastic. If the weat germ oil has run out, it'sgone past its best before day and it's in a product, it aculy SARS to losethose properties pretty rapidly so...

...effectively. You know you're kind ofmarketing like a Dud Ingredien. That's how I see it I mean, I don't think people restrictedme. I've been told by my chemist, but but that to I I think it's better to eron the side of caution. I mean it's not likewe're we're sellingmedicine or anything, but it still can harn afect on someone's skinl and youalsay want your customer seem to look abess andfeel that Bas. I think that's really important. Yeah t s something thatshould be taken really really seriously. Bi think we kind of talked about whatwe kind of dig from each side: hat the kind of formulateins responsibilitiesand what the terms and the legislation is, but once that product leavesblomahat q or bmhq yeah, we don't really know. Is it going to someonethat has a stash of beauty products? Then they don't open for two years oris e someone that wants to use it straight away only bys when they needaponuct they've, run out completely those sorts of things that you justcan't control. So I think we have to do our best. But I know, though, this year a lot ofpeople have been talking about like cleaning out that kind of beauty hallif you like, and so I think, there's maybe somethings- that you can do tocheck your products all as rash and as hygienic as they can be. So yet I think,as we've said, check the best before. If it's got one, if it's not got a bestbefor, then you should have a batch number on theproduct Yeh and you can trace that back. You can either pot if you brought itfrom as, for example, you couldn't contact me and well check the batchcods Al Im. Contact, brancsirectly and theyll. Tell you like the best beforeof that batch and, and so I think, when you've opened the product as well. We've all got liketry creams on the go.How old are they ye creams? Yeah? I think maybe just checking thosethose things is there anything else. I think we should check for yes, Ibout, the inset about the colorand smell and the consistency, because that's just one of the big red flags asif something could no longer smell. That's I'm shocked about this one. ItAtiif it still mels wit, doesn't smell like it's PPOs yr, for example. I knowthat Witho night repair. U I didits ability test and it's been a couple ofyears now, when I looked back on it, it gone white, Qite White. It was like green, notreally green, yellow anymore. So you kN W and I smelt it and it didn't smelllike it usually does and that's a big red, IIT Mal. I think when it's tent Ogo ot, go bad isn'I, I yyeah fresh, doesn't fill your nostrils, the smellof the product as it is Ndon't et it. You wouldn't put it onyour familiyou. Would I have friends who are fands of eating golof food? Imean feel like it's the same thing. Yeahso see, I think I think Thar's allsound advice again just to read the label and because I think it's tempting'cause, you buy a new product and you kind of look at t it. I know H, we'vegot our tags or you know. People th have their information on there indifferent ways, so sensing to just get it and then decide breap it off andthen to suse the pot not use and not like read the tag, but it, but it isimportant, is important to to bed the label. An D underthestand understandthe safety and the storage, because at the end of the day, it's put there fora reason, and it comes from our and pull UK safety reports. Let we dolegally Um, so it's actually really use...

...for information if you're wanting toget the best artour products, which I'm sure mostly I m watching this- Do, I think aotherthing, which is notnecessar. I N, maybe Wat. It is tover an ounced, but for me, the period afteropening and the best for it's a bit like how you determine the best beforeInawelgo for the earliest date. So, if opened, those poducts and six months has gone by and yourbest before is after that six months, I would still stop using it a the pointbecause you passed the period after opening Ye and he plave you've notopened to the product mm we were saying before, and the best before has been gone. I just wouldn't even in aplane using it that name, but that's where I think I there are a lot ofthings that probably have gone in a lot of things in a lot. FONS thatve gotreally really super on shelf lives. I mean when I get my ingredients, I doseak to my supply about what I'm on I'm going to get and I'm might rigt tell ethe best before enddates because for Exactl, if I get something, that's gotfour or five months in it. It's it's not worte it for me because to make itand get out. So it's a bit different, but yeah. I think it's. It really isstill a Greay area, because when you, Google, this or whenyou search this,that's what it says. It's Jus to take care of the period after opening dat itdoesn't. It says that it has a best before, but it doesn't actually fillthat gap between which one is more important and what Ha Yiu means for theproduct. A Min must be a personal thing, but to go back to your food, an IG. Ifyou not opened a bottle of milk and best thefore date, was a week ago,yyou still open that ot e milk and drink it y. don't think anyone Wi tatmayee wrong, because it's not 'cause it's Grue, because you can see it, youcan smell it and you could definitely taste it. YeahO my house made Mi et Inka te BA wards. There would be some tell tol I so Y, II just parsme wouldn'n, yes, Ekim her brought out thateven. If it hadn't beenopened, the best before day had been, and one and Yeh there's all sorts of differenttime periods for when Youre advised to switch things up like he Skar, I think,is like the shortest one cause it's around. Your IVES SET ANC Yo shouldchange a Miskarour, and then I can be heartbreaking. YeahYeah, especially E we're just coming out of rotdown, have orn Scaro te Matan end, exactly it'. I think I think he can take care of stuff like that unlipgloss and if you don't pump it so much if you're like pumping on a Scaro, thenjust putting air into it. So I think there's ways that you can kind of do it.I was actually practicing eaerlike slowly taking out to see if I was apumper or not 'cause, I wasn't sure Butwhen when it gets into contact withair its obserdation, which kind of breaks down the the chemical Makeu ofthe ingredient. Doesn't it say that then it either goes bad or it loses itspatency. So yet it just makes sense to to not probat too much and not likemake ure your jars or your chubs are like Donup tiht after Youve San rush inthe Wan, it's real, easy Tu t throw it back in the draw a, but I think, justmake sure everything's really realy, tight and and you'll just help topreserve the like you pesan and get the most out of them as well, because youwanna wealway advocate kind of being a bit more Miniminese with yourusingeverything up and then perching again.

I think you don't necessarily need ahuge dash of prox no to have a great regime. No, I mean, I think it's niceto altonate. I still do altornate Lop, because I know that my skin just getsuse to stuff. So I do keep. I don't keep loads of stuff. I keep like acouple. A CI've got a day cream and my face loyl and like night and anothernight cream yesjust to alternate, but I know that I'm going to get through allof them befor. In fact, I don't think I've teroed anything out in quite awhile, because I've actually prepaired right down. I think it's a greatpractice like not not only for that mean fre or wallet as well cause it's just so tensive. Isn't itjust like by everything, there's so much exciting stuff out there, eras andsobut yeah, I di I fi butlokraps face cream today,even though I still had some leftbut, because the kids I saw that firse thatsacle and I was like image ins, a a very good customer oflocks of other Bran Iwe de deat. I A ee tesay. She Hae Os Te Pol, yes, SPO INDEsupporting Indean Ovito. I think we've covered pretty much every aspect offbest before period after opening what they mean. The pit bulls actually because, eventhough they're on your products doesn't necessarily mean that you can still usethose products safely, andhapely, given you a few telits of tips or how toCarefe proeximatture that you are getting the longest shell bi possibleout of them and can enjoy them for months and months to com, say thankimage of sharing so much ofknowledge as a formulator. It's it's really greatfor me to learn as well and know that the precesses we follow Qind of a Darto how we should be um, Yo kno matching what you gasformulated the doing so yetit was really really imviable exetestethey. Thank you. Thank you. I loved it Loto discussionas usual N and, if anyone's got any questions 'cause, I know that is a bitfor mind, field Ye and, and it can be of it confusing. So just you know, potthem over to Kara nd alaelbo Yeh e o have yeah exactly thanks him Agen! Ohthank you.

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